If you are finding something with a trendy blouse and sleeves design to match a classy saree then you come to the right place. In this catalog, we will show you only unique blouse sleeves design because Indian festivals and functions are the days when you can flaunt simple traditional outfits in stylish ways.

In every women’s wardrobe, it should be one new masterpiece. There are different types of options in the market and it’s difficult to choose and find the best one.

And to make it possible we have searched and picked some of the latest images of sleeves design with different types of patterns on sleeves, back, and front.

You can check out the photos of the blouse without any hassle online.

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 Blouse sleeve designs

A lot of creativity and different design make one unique masterpiece blouse

The blouse sleeves design will make the simple saree a unique look from others. Blouses that have beautiful sleeves and bold backs are perfect to wear with a simple saree and lehenga.

Full Blouse Sleeves Design

Looking for attractive and fancy blouses?

Full sleeve blouse design with beautiful patterns and designs would be the best option for you. Nowadays the craze for long sleeve blouses is increasing and everyone loves it. Some wear it with a georgette saree and some wear it with a cotton saree to enhance the overall look.

Check out these amazing blouse designs to wear at upcoming festivals.

Baby Pink Summer Simple Full Blouse Sleeves Design

Baby Pink Summer Simple Full Sleeves Blouse Design
source-celebrity wall

This gorgeous Katrina kaif blouse can be breathtaking for everyone. The light color and formal print are very elegant.

Machine Embroidery Full Sleeve Blouse Image

Detailed Stone Work Orange Full Sleeves Blouse

This stunning blouse design always makes an impressive statement no matter what the event. The color and the golden stonework all over the blouse sleeve are the cutest.

Fancy Print Rounded Back Black Blouse

Fancy Print Rounded Back Black Blouse
source-Shaadidukaan- India’s online Wedding

This printed brocade blouse with a rounded back and full sleeve will make your look elegant in every event. Wear it to make your day amazing.

Glittery Dark Pink Simple Full Sleeve Blouse Design

Glittery dark pink simple blouse design

This viral Shilpa Shetty pink blouse is every women favorite one. Many women have tried this at their special events.

Rectangular Back Red Flower Design Blouse

Rectangular Back Red Flower Design Blouse
source-Inddus India

If you have any simple pink saree then this gorgeous blouse piece would be the best partner. Simple yet looks trendy on a plain saree.

Machine Embroidery Zari Work  Blouse Design

royal zari work icy blue blouse design

The color and the white stonework of this blouse make it stunning. This would be perfect for a silk saree.

Silk Paisley Print Long Sleeve Blouse

Silk Paisley Print Long Sleeve Blouse

A simple golden paisley design on the sleeves and the chest area is making this blouse more beautiful. Wear this with any plain cotton saree.

Soft Print Light Pink Printed Blouse Design

soft print light pink printed blouse design
source-See Fashion

If you love wearing trendy blouses then this blouse is a must-try. Any floral saree can be paired with this full-sleeve blouse.

Traditional Multi-Color Printed Blouse

Traditonal Multi-color Printed Blouse

In Indian festivals, traditional print blouses are always in demand. This blouse piece will give you a gorgeous look with a pattu saree.

Machine Embroidery Designer Neon Green Blouse

white designer threadwork neon green blouse
source-WeddingWire India

The neon color is the highlighted color and blouses of this color make the outfit highlighted. The frill on the sleeves is the main feature of this blouse. Wear a silk saree with it.

Frill Sleeves Blouse Design

There are many party wear blouses are each blouse has one unique and different design. Some have a full sleeve and some have frill sleeves.

The frill sleeve blouses are said to be the best party wear because it looks very cool and fancy. Maximum frill blouses are worn with saree to attend different types of events.

We have collected some trendy and stylish  photos to help you out there.

Beautiful Yellow Frill Sleeves Blouse

beautiful yellow frill gorgeous blouse

This simple frill blouse is specially designed to wear with floral sarees. A silver-plated necklace would be the best option for jewelry.

Crop Blouse Shiny Pattern Blouse

crop blouse shiny pattern blouse

This simple frill sleeves pink blouse is just enough to make an overall outfit look glamorous check out this for your upcoming event.

Floral Print Frill Sleeves Blouse

floral print frill designer blouse
source-Indian trends

The pretty pink flower design on this white blouse is highlighted in this blouse. A georgette saree should be worn with it.

Frill Sleeve Golden Leaf Print Blouse

frill sleeve golden leaf print blouse
source- HouseofBlouse.com

Straight hoked white blouse with a golden leaf print on it is mind-blowing. This will enhance your white saree look.

Golden Shiny Design Fancy Blouse

golden shiny design fancy blouse

No-cut blouse with frill on neck and hands. The golden glitter design is making this blouse a stunning ethnic style.

Floral Design Frill Sleeves Blouse Design

Floral Design Frill Sleeves Blouse Design

This blouse image has very trendy floral frill sleeves with a modern boat neck design. You can wear this blouse with a floral saree.

Netted Frill Sleeve Deep V Neck Blouse

net frill sleeve deep V neck blouse
source- Tilfi Banaras

To attend any night party full of boldness this complimentary blouse is the best. Due to its deep neck, this would look great with a pattu saree at parties.

Pink Flower Print Beautiful Frill Sleeves Blouse

pink flower print beautiful blouse
source-Social News XYZ

This pink color blouse will give a cute look to the saree. Wear any pearl jewelry on this blouse.

Shoulder Cut Black And White Print Blouse

shoulder cut black and white print blouse

Very smooth black triangle design on a white blouse with shoulder cute hands. Wear this for a formal look.

Simple Golden Border Frill Sleeve Blouse

simple golden border short sleeve blouse
source-Studio East6

Looking for a stylish blouse to wear with your plain silk saree, this grey blouse can be the partner. Comfortable yet stylish blouse it is.

Saree Blouse Sleeves Design

In every women’s wardrobe, the collection of simple designs and plain saree is always there. And for this, every girl\women  searches for something unique that matches with maximum sarees.

Multi-color, simple prints and plain blouses are said to be the best to wear with those sarees.  The saree blouse sleeves design should be full of attractive patterns so that it can enhance the saree look more efficiently.

Check out the given catalog of beautiful blouses and try it out.

Wavy Print Pattern Bold Color Blouse Design

wavy print bold color blouse design

The first photo is this traditional wavy print with amazing nude colors. A light yellow saree is the best option for this.

Soft Color Puff Sleeves Blouse  Design Image

soft color puff sleeve blouse design
source-Keep Me Stylish

When it comes to choosing summer saree blouses the puff sleeves are the thing that comes to mind. This very simple pink and white blouse can be your second summer event outfit.

Simple White Baloon Blouse Sleeves Design

simple white puff sleeve blouse

These white silk blouses with puff sleeves look very royal with silk sarees. Wear this in any day event.

Simple Neon Green Fancy Back Saree Blouse

simple neon green fancy back blouse
source-Kavitha balki

The sleeves of this blouse are very plain and have no designs but because of the gorgeous back border and color, this blouse looks glamorous.

Multi-Color Pattern Bold Tassel Blouse

multi-color bold tassel blouse
source- Bling Sparkle

This saree blouse sleeves design has a multi-color and pom-pom tassel back, which makes it comfortable to wear with a pattu saree.

Fancy Pink High Neck Shiny Saree Blouse

fancy pink high neck shiny blouse
source- Indian trends

Pink color blouses are evergreen, this gorgeous hand design and high neck is a different and new piece in the market. Women are loving this.

Elegant Long Sleeves Round Neck Blouse

elegant pink color round neck blouse
Source- Priyanka

This dark-color full sleeves round-neck blouse will never make you disappoint. A white saree look will look more unique with this blouse.

Deep V Neck Soft Print Pattern Blouse

deep V neck soft print blouse

This deep-neck traditional print blouse is enough to make the plain saree look to the next level.

Bold Tassel Back Long Sleeves Printed Blouse

bold tassel back printed blouse
source-Tikli. in

This string-style tassel black blouse will give you a bold and sophisticated look. The sleeves also enhance the look. Wear a plain pattu saree with it.

Long Sleeves Shell Design Black Color Blouse

amazing shell design black color blouse
source- WeedingBazaar

The shell design on the lower back area with a pointed back is just fabulous just the way it is. Very trendy and demanded blouse and mostly worn with black and white saree.

Net Sleeves Blouse Design

Summer festivals are empty without net blouses. Because of its looking fabric and stylish look, it is mostly worn with a net or cotton sarees. Netted sleeves blouse designs are said to be the most beautiful.

Either its full sleeves or half sleeves net blouses look rich and classy. Can change the look from up to toe without any mess.

Have a look at these very pretty blouse photos.

Basic White Color Collar Neck Net Blouse

basic white color collar neck net blouse
source- MissMalini Entertainment | A Good Creator Co.

For any office or formal look, this simple white puff-sleeve blouse is the best. And suitable for fat arms and gives comfort to it.

Full Netted Blouse With Glitter Design

full net blouse with glitter design
source-Top trending

This is a wedding material and can be worn with both simple and heavy saree. Half net and half cotton with a glitter design this blouse are just awesome.

Heavy Machine Embroidery Chikkankari Work White Blouse

heavy chikkankari work white blouse
source- Wild Bloom

This heavy pearl work blouse on a white blouse will give a perfect royal type of vibe. Attending any big function is a must-have thing.

Pink Baloon Long Sleeve Pattern Blouse Image

pink puffy net sleeve blouse
source-Tikli. in

This type of blouse gives a western touch to the saree look. The knot effect in front is a unique fashion style.

Puff Sleeves Golden Zari Work Royal Pink Blouse

shiny golden zari work royal pink blouse
source- Indiaspopup.com

Had to wear something very trendy at your reception or any wedding function, this gorgeous blouse piece with puff sleeves and zari work is the perfect option to try.

Short-Sleeve Light Green Simple Blouse

short sleeve light green simple blouse
source- Indian trends

This type of color suits fair skin tone people and short sleeves make it more useful for slim hands. Try this amazing blouse in the summer.

Soft Red Flower Long Sleeves Blouse Photo

soft red flower gorgeous blouse
source-Cute doll

Have a look at this sizzling red blouse which has a beautiful net flower on the arms and soft net fabric. Any plain georgette saree would match with it.

White Net Blouse With Pom-Pom Back Design

white net blouse with pom-pom back design
source- Stylecraze

Loved the threadwork design on the sleeves of this blouse and the white button design on the back. For any small event or party, this would be perfect.

 Machine Embroidery Design With Jasmine Flower Design

white pearl back design with jasmine flower design
source-Wedding Blog

If you are planning for a Christian type of wedding or you have to attend any event this gorgeous lily flower net pattern blouse is the best option. You can wear this with any frock or net saree.

Multi-Color Short Sleeves Blouse Printed Blouse

multi-color button blouse printed blouse
source- Stylecraze

Black color blouses are for every color sarees and work like magic when you have limited outfit options. This multi-color pattern net blouse is a multi-purpose thing.

Ruffle Sleeves Blouse Design

We have to attend so many parties and events every year and for these investing in stylish and trendy blouses is a good option. So that you can wear it multiple times on different types of occasions.

Blouses with classy sleeves are the thing that can never be wrong and will make any saree presentable. The Ruffle sleeve blouse design is trending at parties with readymade sarees or any glittery saree.

We have picked some latest sleeve design photos for you to try out.

Black And White Printed Fancy Sleeve Blouse

Black And White Printed Fancy Sleeve blouse

Blouses like this can never be the wrong purchase. Looking fair and classy as well.  Will match perfectly with the white saree.

Designer Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Design

Designer Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Daesign
source- saree.com

Half side ruffle design on this blouse is a mesmerizing one. If you will choose this then be ready to take compliments from others.

Modern Light Pink Floral Sleeve Fancy Blouse

Light Pink Floral Sleeve Fancy Blouse
source- FDT Head

The pink color is a very summery and moody color that gives instant freshness to the look. The floral print pink saree is only for this blouse.

Neon Green Ruffle Sleeve Beautiful blouse design

Neon Green Ruffle Sleeve Beautiful blouse design
source-Hiral Suthar

This blouse is adorned with a violet color of pink and neon which makes it highlighted and attractive. The ruffle sleeve design on this blouse is just amazing.

Partywear Trendy  Blouse Sleeves Design

Party wear Trendy Sleeve Blouse Design

Something very stylish and cool thing is the shape and design of this blouse. The color and half-ruffle sleeve design is the charming part of this blouse.

Red Dotted Net Fabric Gorgeous Blouse Design

Red Dotted Net Fabric Gorgeous Blouse Design

The dotted red net fabric of this blouse is a charming part of this blouse. Medium-size buttons are also attached for a decent look.

Rounded Neck Wavy Design Multi-color Blouse

Rounded Neck Wavy Design Multi-color Blouse
source- Saree.com

You can wear this blouse with a plain lehenga, the vibrant design of this blouse will make the lehenga look gorgeous.

Silver Pink Flower Print Gorgeous Blouse

Silver Pink Flower Print Gorgeous Blouse

This blouse design will be the perfect partner for your party wear saree. The floral design and sleeves are amazing.

Square Netted Blue Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

Square Net Blue Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

Blue net square and blue fairy ruffle sleeves will make your lehenga look like a princess. Make a messy bun for a professional look.

Triangular Back White Glitter Design Blouse

Triangular Back White Glitter Design Blouse
source-WeddingWire India

The triangular back design and yellow glittery flower print is the pretty part of this blouse. Wear it to have a beautiful saree look.

Half Sleeve Blouse Sleeves Design

Whether it’s a summer event or a winter event the blouse that has half sleeves is said to be the best option. Always gives a natural and professional type of look.

These types of blouses are very comfortable and have varieties of designs and patterns. You can wear and make different types of looks. Some gorgeous photos of half sleeves blouse design are given below.

Latest Machine Embroidery Floral Design Designer Blouse

3D floral design designer blouse

A very attractive and gorgeous 3D floral print blouse makes a fancy look. Look cute on healthy people.

Almond Shape Pattern Back Design Blouse

almond shape back design blouse

A cotton blouse with a traditional print and oval back is all we want at summer wedding functions. Long pearl jewelry will give a sophisticated look.

Collar Neck Printed Half Sleeve Blouse

collar neck printed half sleeve blouse
source- HouseofBlouses.com

Now, this is everyone’s favorite latest leaf print blouse to wear with a cotton saree. The high neck is a fabulous part of this blouse.

Cute Bow Back Dotted Print Blouse Sleeves Design

cute bow back dotted print blouse
source- Spyne

The bow on the back makes the blouse looks more cute and presentable to the eyes. Dotted prints are evergreen.

Designer Silver Leaf Design Latest Blouse

designer silver leaf design blouse
source- saree.com

The very stylish and different neckline with half sleeves make it more attractive than other blouses. The white thread pattern of flowers has added this blouse a new life.

Fancy Back Design Half Blouse Sleeves Design

fancy back design half sleeves blouse
source- missblouses

This blouse is specially designed for those who want a simple print with a bold back design. Create a bun hairstyle on this blouse for a traditional type of look.

Shoulder Cut Pearl Work Purple Blouse

shoulder cut pearl work purple blouse
source-Keep Me Stylish

This blouse is for those women who always want a blinky and shiny look. The floral type of sleeves with shoulder cut is the highlight of this blouse and will easily match with net saree.

Simple Lining Print Half Sleeve Blouse

simple lining print half sleeve blouse

For a plain black georgette saree, this gorgeous piece of blouse is the best. Perfect for any normal party in the house.

Unique Printed Pattern High Neck Blouse

unique printed high neck blouse
source- mrunmayeedeshpande

The nude color with a simple lace design ensures your feminine look on your special day. Unique piece in the market these days.

White Triangle Print Simple Yellow Blouse

white triangle print simple yellow blouse
source-Fashion maniac

This remarkable  white triangle print blouse with a boat neck design will ensure your entire look is flawless. Pair it with any plain saree with open hair.

Blouse Sleeves Design For Lehenga

Wedding seasons are all about wearing beautiful lehengas and flaunting everywhere.

The thing which makes the lehenga more presentable and gorgeous is the matching trendy blouse which has stylish patterns and designs.

And the very important the sleeves, blouse sleeves design should be more highlighted because its the revealing part of it and will give ma ore beautiful look.

Check out the given catalog of some unique blouse photos.

Triangular Back Latest Pink Blouse Design

triangular back pink blouse design
source- WittyVows

The very first blouse photo is this pinky shiny material blouse with a rounded tassel and deep pointed back design. Pair it with your favorite lehenga.

Soft Purple Color Puffy Blouse Sleeves Design

soft purple color puffy sleeves blouse
Source-Megha suresh

If you want a model type of look in your traditional lehenga then this could be your partner. A choker will be the best jewelry.

Modern White Long Blouse For Lehenga

simple white long blouse for lehenga

A new and trendy full sleeves blouse will add a new shine to your lehenga look. Minimal jewelry is the best to flaunt with it.

Rounded Back Pink Blouse For Lehenga

rounded back pink blouse for lehenga

Add a little more shine to your wedding look and grab this full-sleeve stone work blouse. Make your look more attractive this season.

Rounded Back Beautiful Tassel Blouse Sleeves Design

rounded back beautifull tassel blouse
source-Cndu Siripuram

This blouse is for those who want their back and hand design full of cuts and heavy tassel work. The yellow color looks even more gorgeous at the day event.

Modern Yellow Blouse With Knot Design

lovely yellow blouse with knot design
source- Tikli. in

Again one more yellow blouse with a knot design on the front and full sleeves with it. Style it like the model has styled it with a simple colorful lehenga.

Heavy Golden Glitter Design With V Neck

heavy golden glitter design with V neck
source- Frungal2fab

Want to attend any fancy party or event shop this golden zari work full-sleeve blouse with the trendiest deep neckline.

Gorgeous Pink Color Full Sleeves Fancy Blouse

gorgeous pink color full sleeve fancy blouse

No words for this blouse look how fresh and natural the color the of blouse it is. The backless design makes it more pretty than a plain lehenga.

Formal White Puff Sleeves Blouse Design Image

formal white puffy sleeves blouse
source-Tikli. in

If you have a blinky shiny lehenga and want the blouse to be minimal and formal. This elegant puff sleeve with a V neckline is the option for you. You can style this in many ways.

Blue Georgette Blouse With Floral Print Design

blue geogrette blouse with floral print design
source- Indiaspopup.com

Something very classy and full of violent color this full-sleeve georgette blouse is the coolest option to wear with this floral print lehenga. For skinny people, it’s a blessing.

Bell Sleeves Blouse Designs

Bell sleeves blouse designs are something that gives life to those hot and humid day functions. Bell sleeves not only look cool but also make you feel more confident and joyful.

There are many types of bell sleeves short, long, and medium with simple and heavy designs, we have picked some latest images for every type of function to that it becomes easy to choose the best one.

3 Layered Sleeves Baby Pink Blouse

3 layared sleeves baby pink blouse

The very first image is this simple white round neckline blouse. The sleeves of this will make you feel like an angel.

Latest 3D Flowers Colorful Printed Blouse

3D flowers colorfull printed blouse
source-Simple Craft Ideas

Something colorful and multi-purpose this blouse has 3d flower designs. The sleeves on this give life to the whole look.

Celadon Color Glamorous Blouse Sleeves Design

celadon color glamourous sleeve blouse
source- Ensemble

If you have any ruffle saree then you should try this very trendy blouse. Will add a new look to the saree.

Floral Tassel Red Rounded Back Blouse

floral tassel red rounded back blouse
source- Divya

Specially designed to wear with floral sarees and lehengas. This Floral tassel blouse with floral tassel is a must-try.

Long Sleeves Designer Glitter Design Blouse

long sleeves designer glitter design blouse
source-FDT Head

Very different and unique bell sleeves have been attached to this icy blue blouse. Beautiful embroidery work on this blouse has been created for an elegant look.

Simple Blue Fancy Sleeve Blouse Design

simple blue fancy sleeve blouse design
source- Radhika

Look how beautifully the model has paired it with a shiny saree you can also wear this with any plain saree. Also good for daily use.

Simple Blue Three Layered Blouse Sleeves Design

simple blue three layered sleeves blouse
source-Shaadidukaan- India’s Online Wedding Market

This 3-layered blue blouse would be the best partner when you will create a summer look. Style it with h plain or printed saree.

Soft Green Beautiful Bell Sleeves Blouse

soft green beautiful bell sleeves blouse
source- Saree.com

The blouse’s color is so calm and fresh. This bell blouse sleeves design going to give a gorgeous look.

Trendy Pinky Gorgeous Belly Sleeves Blouse

trendy pinky gorgeous belly sleeves blouse
source- Tikli. in

A simple saree with this classy sleeve blouse is going to rock in the event. Will look very natural on every skin tone.

Trendy Shiny Golden Pearl Blouse

trendy shiny golden pearl blouse
source- arun pillai

The intricate golden pearl stitched on the sleeves will give you a rich wedding guest look. Wear a Golden lehenga with pearl earrings.

Frequently asked questions for the latest blouse sleeves design.

Which blouse sleeves are best for fat arms?

Any blouse is not made specifically for fat or slim arms but by following some tips and some blouse designs we can make our hands look slim and attractive. Sleeves that have frill sleeves, bell sleeves, puff sleeves, and ruffle sleeves can make them look naturally beautiful and slim. You can also try dark colored blouses for a more good look.

Which type of blouse is good for fat ladies?

As we have talked already about the fat arms the same thing can also be done for fat ladies there is not any difference between them. Colors like black or dark blue will help to hide the fat and also looks very attractive and will go with any type of saree.

What are the different types of blouse?

There are different types of blouses available in the market and each blouse has its different uniqueness. Some blouse has long sleeves some blouse has balloon sleeves and some have cut sleeves if we talk about the neck some have sweetheart neck and some have high neck and these all are designed to wear occasionally and to create new styles. You will see many modern blouses but the key to looking gorgeous in them is how you style it.

Does elbow length blouse for fat arms?

Yes, the elbow-length blouse is also good for fat arms and it also gives the sexy look to the saree. For a more gorgeous look, you can try puff sleeves elbow length blouse with machine work or netted design on it.

What sleeves make arms look thinner?

There are many options available in the market which you can try to make your arms look thinner and they are long puff sleeves, bell sleeves, and ruffle sleeves. They make the hand look cute and the volume on it hides the fat of the arms.

Conclusion Of Blouse Sleeves Design

The idea for creating the blouse sleeves design catalog is when wedding season comes or an event we all crave beautiful outfits and dresses. But the most beautiful and perfect thing that looks at Indian events is the blouses.

Lehenga and saree are something that everyone loves and they look very classy and elegant as well.

But some peoples only buy a lehenga or saree and choose any other trendy blouse to match it. And to help them we have selected some latest blouse design images with fancy sleeves so it’s become easy to figure out the perfect one.

For any small event to big event, we have attached many blouse design images. Just need to select and match this with your favorite dress and jewelry.

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