Weddings, functions, and festivals are surrounded by beautiful Indian outfits and if you are looking for something special then you come to the right place. Saree and blouse are the most beautiful combination when it comes to Indian festivals.

Not only heavy work blouses, but simple blouse designs can also make you look fancy and can make any saree look more glamorous and attractive.

I promise that I will show your only the latest designer blouses with minimal prints and patterns which are best for any type of function or event and are easy to wear as well. We can create thousands of different looks with just one simple blouse.

Plain blouses look very decent and natural in every event. They are multi-taskers and go with saree as well as lehenga.

These festivals try something new and create beautiful looks.  We have searched and selected the best blouse designs for you some best blouse images of the simple blouse are given below.

Let us divine into the world of beautiful blouses.

Table of Contents

Simple Blouse Designs

Blouses that have floral prints look best in summer functions and are eye-catchy.  Plain blouses are very comfortable and suit every saree.

Simple Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

In this catalogue you will see the best blouses which can easily be paired up with silk sarees and can make your whole saree look change and attractive. With new and trendy patterns here are some images given below for you.

Yellow Flower Back Green Silk Blouse

yellow flower back green silk blouse
source: AlmeenaYadhav

A beautiful yellow flower with golden floral prints on the green color is looking very natural and will give any saree a different look.

Silk Golden Print Square Back Design

silk golden print square back design
source: AlmeenaYadhav

Square back designs are the best for summers this blouse is the perfect example of simplicity plus beauty. Golden floral prints with beautiful pink color will look perfect with gold plated pieces of jewelry.

Purple Silk Simple Blouse With Half Sleeves

purple silk blouse with half sleeves
Source: Etsy

To attend any type of small function, this type of fancy and stylish blouse is every woman’s immediate choice. The beautiful stone design with a half sleeves is full of comfort.

Plunging Back Design With a Pink Lace Simple Blouse Designs 

plungeing back deign with pink lace blouse
source: Syedkashif

Green stonework blouses look very royal and give a rich look to the saree. Half sleeves with purple and golden color are for festivals. Gold accessories will match this blouse.

Pink Bow Design Silk Simple Blouse

pink bow design silk blouse
source: ShaadiSaga

Two beautiful bow designs with a square back is looking very different and eye-catching. A mixture of white and pink silk fabric is the cutest and looks very alluring.

Multi-Color Bead Work Silk Blouse

multi-colour bead work silk blouse
source- TattoosBoyGirlMake

Make your festivals filled with full of violent colors and wear this multi-color blouse with any silk saree. Golden stonework with puff sleeves will look amazing on every woman.

Heavy Hand Border Pink Silk Blouse

heavy hand border pink silk blouse
source- Ammu

This gorgeous simple blouse design is for a simple silk saree because this heavy beadwork silk blouse will perfectly match it. A rounded neck with half sleeves will be comfortable on every occasion.

Green Stone Work Trendy Silk Blouse

green stone work trendy silk blouse
source- Karthika R

Green stonework blouses look very royal and give a rich look to the saree. Half sleeves with purple and golden color are for festivals. Gold accessories will match this blouse.

Green Silk blouse With Bold Square And Heavy Lace

green silk blouse with bold square and heavy lace
source- HouseofBlouse.com

Looking for any simple yet stylish blouse for your silk saree, this off-sleeved blouse with beautiful lace would be the best option. Match up with some minimal accessories for a complete look

Bow Designer Black Blouse

bow designer black blouse
source- Trabeauli

This simple blouse is going to be my favorite festive wear because of its stylish back design and is full of comfort. Wear this with a light color silk saree.

 Simple Blouse Designs For Cotton Sarees

Cotton clothes are the best option when it comes to summers. Blouses with floral prints and beautiful designs can blow anyone’s mind.

Check out some amazing collection of stylish blouses for cotton sarees and make your festivals full of sweet memories and beautiful pictures.

  String Style Simple Cotton Blouse

string style simple cotton blouse
source- divablouse.in

Blurred print simple blouse designs are trendy all over again with the hot and bold back look.  Nothing is better than a round-back blouse for summer occasions. Any printed saree will go with this blue blouse.

Simple White Triangle Print Cotton Blouse

simple white triangle print cotton blouse
source- Sandya mulijogi

The red blouse with minimal prints of white triangles looks amazing with a white saree and a beautiful bun. Rounded neck and half sleeve are trendy these days you should try them once.

Simple Cotton Printed Blue Blouse

simple cotton printed blue blouse
source- Aldyn Bent

Wanna go for a sizzling traditional look? This fancy printed blue blouse is the best piece to wear. These brown and white prints make them appealing to the eyes.

Simple Cotton Blouse With Bold Back Design

simple cotton blouse with bold back design
source- New Woman

Printed blouses with eye-catching colors are not only beautiful but pose as an exceptional style of statement to your cotton saree. Buttons are attached for full comfort with a pointed-back design to make them suitable for summers.

Rounded Back With Bold Pink Flowers Blouse

rounded back with bold pink flowers blouse
source- Your world

What can be best then rose back designs in black color blouse. Pink rose flowers all over the back are making the entire blouse look beautiful. A little thread work on the roses adds another level of beauty.

Red Net Blouse With White Flower Design

red net blouse with white flower design
source- Southindiafashion.com

Hot red color with a hot back simple blouse design will give you a killer look. Lovely white flowers on the net fabric are the best to flaunt at the events. Make a bun and pair it with your favorite saree.

Orange Pom’ V’ Back Pink Cotton Blouse

orange pom' V' back pink cotton blouse
source- TattoosBoyGirl

A perfect combination of orange and pink with a pointed back design.  Orange pom-pom as a border which will give you a special look. Match this gorgeous blouse with a white floral print saree to achieve a perfect festive look.

Multi-Colour Floral Print Cotton Blouse

multi-colour floral print cotton nlouse
source- AlmeenaYadav

Trendy dotted and floral prints with the most stylish round-back design are the favorite of many women. A multi-color blouse will help you on any occasion while creating different looks.

Blurred print square back beautiful blouse

blurred print square back beautiful blouse
Source- Hathkargha

Try something new and trendy this year by wearing this most stylish blouse, a mixture of ethnic and western styles. Square back design with red blurred prints will suit any cotton saree. Decorate the saree look with silver plated jhumkas.

Beautiful Floral Print Black Cotton Blouse

beautiful floral print black cotton blouse
source- kagajphul

Beautiful floral prints on the black blouses can make anyone attracted to you. This blouse will make your festival full of comfort. Try this on your upcoming festivals.

Simple Blouse Designs for Daily Use

Nowadays we have seen various designs of blouses for daily wear but some blouses with stylish prints and designs are going viral. Women are using these blouses daily to wear with a saree.

We are introducing some unique daily wear blouses to wear with a saree.

V Back Design Pom-Pom Work Orange Color Blouse

v back design pom pom work orange colour blouse
source- Saranya menon

Simple yet very fancy with V back design and cute pom-pom border simple blouse designs. The golden dotted print makes it more stylish to wear with plain sarees.

Trendy Traditional Deep Neck Printed Blouse

trendy traditional deep neck printed blouse
source- Seamstress

This blouse is adorned with beautiful white prints that will give stunning look to your saree. Deep neck and half sleeves are provided to make you feel comfortable all day long.

  Simple Red Golden Print Half Sleeve Blouse

simple red golden print half sleeve blouse
source- seamstres

This beautiful red cotton blouse is everyone’s favorite. The handprints of golden flowers are the charming part of this simple blouse designs. Pair it up with any normal print saree to enhance this blouse’s beauty.

Simple Black Straight-Lining Collar Neck Blouse

simple black straight lining collar neck blouse
source- Keep Me Stylish

This simple lining white blouse would be the perfect partner for your white saree. A high neck with button work will give you a formal everyday look.

Latest Wavy Design Simple Blouse

latest wavy design simple blouse
source- Seamstress

Wavy prints are a trend these days because it gives a gorgeous look and style to the plain saree. This latest blouse with half sleeves will be best for summer.

Golden Horse Black Cotton Blouse Image

golden horse black cotton blouse
source- Shakila Iqbal

The golden horse thread design will be the most alluring part of this black blouse. A golden lace border and lining print will be the best for your white or golden saree.

Backless Simple Print Cotton Blouse Photo

backless simple print cotton blouse
source- HouseofBlouse.com

A simple silk tassel with a backless design will help you on those humid days giving a cooling effect. Red and green combination blouses look sizzling on every saree.

V Back Designer Green Silk Blouse Image

V back designer green silk blouse
source- Indian trends

This parrot green silk blouse with a pointed back and pom-pom style should be in your collection. Ready to wear this simple blouse will go with any saree.

Rounded Back Pom Work Baby Pink Blouse

rounded back pom work baby pink blouse
source- Manju Manju

Fill your wardrobe with this refreshing pink color and make your whole day full of joy. pink pom-pom borders with a rounded back are all that we want to wear with cotton sarees.

Simple Blouse Designs For Plain Sarees

Try something new and versatile and magnify your plain saree with a designer collection of printed blouses. A blouse that can give comfort, style and a rich look to any saree is called the perfect blouse.

Here we have some most beautiful and amazing selected simple blouse designs which are specially designed to wear with a plain saree.

Diamondback Design With Bead Border Blouse

diamond back design with bead border blouse
source- HouseofBlouse.com

Increase your styling sense and switch to this bold floral print blouse with a cute tassel and diamondback design. Perfectly designed to level up the beauty of the saree.

Classy Golden Diamond Print Black Blouse

golden diamond print black blouse
source- Trifashions

Wow ! this mind-blowing black blouse with an almond shape back and golden diamond design is the best option for a black saree. It will give you a superb look.

Nude Rounded Neck Bow Lace Full Sleeve Blouse

nude rounded neck bow lace full sleeve blouse
source- HouseofBlouse.com

A stunning rounded back blouse with a half net sleeve and a half cotton sleeve is the perfect example of style and beauty. That knot is incredible and easy to handle.

Pointed Round Back With Shiny Floral Work

pointed round back with shiny floral work
source- Durva

Match your simple saree with this super gorgeous shiny floral blouse with a pointed-back design. Look how beautiful the net floral design on hand looks this blouse will make your day.

Red Off Sleeves Blouse With Heavy Lace

red off sleeves blouse with heavy lace

Plain blouses with heavy tassels of flowers are highly in trend and are the best options for parties and night events. Off sleeves with stunning square back are on fire.

Shiny Border Deep Back The Latest Blouse

shiny border deep back latest blouse
source- The handmade craft

This type of blouse is demanding when it comes to wearing a minimal work saree. Due to its gorgeous color and shiny border, this can make anyone fall in love with it.

Simple Dotted Net Blue Blouse Image

simple dotted net blue blouse
source- HouseofBlouse.com

If you want to attend any small event and search for something minimal and beautiful, this dotted net blue blouse is for you only. Wear with any of your saree and minimal accessories and you are good to go.

Simple Parrot Green Square Back Blouse

simple parrot green square back blouse
source- Tikli. in

Parallel frills are on fire these days and give a delicate look to the saree. A parrot green blouse is going to make your outfit highlighted at the party.

Beautiful Black Knot Floral Print Blouse

beautiful black knot floral print blouse
source- Blue Arrow Fashion

The mixture of crop top in traditional form is going to grab all the people’s attention and make you filled with amazing complements. Crepe fabric with knot design and rose prints will match with plain saree.

Trendy Floral Print Plunging Back Cotton Blouse

trendy floral print plungeing back cotton blouse
source- Keep Me Stylish

This blouse will attract everyone because of its gorgeous style. The rich orange color with fresh flower prints and glass shape back is fresh and cool.

Simple Blouse Designs for Pattu Sarees

When it comes to wearing a pattu saree the images of designer blouses come into our mind and we imagine buying those blouses. But if you cannot find the perfect match for your pattu saree, here are some of the amazing stylish blouse images to help you out there.

Stylish Flower Lace Design Purple Blouse

stylish flower lace design purple blouse
source- Tikli.in

The most highlighted part of this blouse is the back design which is lacework making a flower-like structure with one beautiful button. This silk blouse will look outstanding with a violent pattu saree.

Shiny Bold Back Silk Blouse Image

shiny bold back silk blouse
source- Ladies Specialist

These parallel lines on the back ensure your alluring look at the night functions. Very shiny silk specially designed for simple pattu sarees.

Puff Sleeve Golden Print Blouse Photo

puff sleeve golden print blouse
source- Anisa shaik

This remarkable blouse sleeves will ensure your entire saree look is perfect. Fuffy sleeves with the most beautiful light green color. Wear any dark color like this model has worn.

Handwork Square Back Design Blouse Image

handwork square back design blouse
source- HouseofBlouse.com

If you have any colorful pattu saree then this simple blouse can make the saree look to the next level. Very simple with off sleeves and colorful thread work on the back. This will elevate your entire look.

Half Sleeves Designer Floral Pink Blouse Photo

half sleeves designer floral pink blouse
source-Keep Me Stylish

If you want to try a bold look on your special day then check out this silk blouse. This golden thread design on the sleeves is enough to elevate the whole look.

 Classy Golden Leaf Print Fancy Pink Blouse

golden leaf print fancy pink blouse
source- Utsav Fashion

If you have any saree which have many print work and want to match with a simple blouse, then this pink silk blouse with amazing prints will help you out.

Golden Floral Print Full Sleeves Silk Blouse

golden floral print full sleeves silk blouse
source- ShaadiWish Indian Wedding Planning

Brocade blouses are comfortable and satisfying. You can wear this full sleeve blouse with a plain pattu saree to rock at the festivals.

Deep Back Design With A Pink Lace Blouse

deep back design with pink lace blouse (2)
source- backlessblouse.com

This blouse design with vibrant yellow color and mirror border will level up your saree look. A printed light color saree would be the best for this simple blouse design.

Blue Soft Embroidery Work Fancy Blouse Design

blue soft work fancy blouse design
source- Pri

The white pearl work is adorned at the edge of the sleeve. Icy color with shiny material will look elegant in wedding functions.

Simple Maggam Work Blouse Design

You can’t deny the craze of maagm work blouses when it comes to attending any wedding function. A simple maggam blouse can the whole saree look to the next level. A designer blouse never fails to make you look stunning in the saree.

If you want to try different and trending looks then check out these simple blouse design photos.

White Pearl Embroidery Work Simple Green Blouse

white pearl flower work simple green blouse
source- meraki_the_luxury_boutique

A star-like maggam work design with white pearls attached to it will never make you disappoint. The royal green color will give a rich and fantastic look.

Square Neck Golden Bead Border Light Blue Blouse

square neck golden bead border light blue blouse
source- JANU PTL

This blue blouse with a bold neckline and amazing designs is enough to make the overall bridal saree look gorgeous. Fully decorated with golden shine overall the blouse will make you look gorgeous a hundred times more.

Simple Red Silk Blouse With Pearl Border

simple red silk blouse with pearl border
source- WeedingBazaar

This red blouse is just perfect just the way it is. The charming golden bead on the hands and the neck is more than enough to increase your stylish saree look.

Pearl Border Brown Square Back Blouse

pearl border brown square back blouse

This nude color blouse decorated with the maggam design is just perfect to flaunt on your wedding day. You must try this outstanding blouse this year.

Golden Pearl Almond Border With Half Sleeves

golden pearl almond border with half sleeves

This pink blouse with beautiful golden beadwork will inflate the look of your wedding saree from top to bottom. Level up your inner beauty and make your special day memorable.

Golden Lining Hand Work Design Purple Silk Blouse

golden lining bead design purple silk blouse
source- Swathi

Silk blouses with minimal designs are worth buying. Help on many occasions and festivals to create many different saree looks.

Beautiful Maggam Floral Design Green Color Blouse

beautiful maggam floral design green color blouse

You will fall in love with this amazing dark green blouse with maggam designs on it. This type of blouse is many bride’s favorites you should also try this.

Bold Red Square Back Golden Tassel Blouse

bold red square back golden tassel blouse

Red colors are especially for new brides, this golden border blouse will look charming on a red georgette saree. Newlywed brides should try this superb blouse.

Golden Beads Leave Work Silk Blouse

golden beads leave work silk blouse
source- tRiSkAtNiSS

The leaf design is made up of beads which are looking best on this green color blouse. Silk or pattu saree would be the best choice for it.

Golden Flower Bead Work White Silk Blouse

golden flower bead work white silk blouse
source- seema yadav

White color blouses are very famous south-Indian weddings. You should also try this minimal bead floral design at your wedding functions.

Simple Aari Work Blouse Designs

I am sure you have seen many beautiful blouses with gorgeous Aari work designs on them. And it’s been a very difficult task to choose the best and most trendy one from those blouses.

Here we have chosen and selected the best from all those blouses and according to different types of Indian occasions.

Shiny Pink Silicon Blouse With Alluring Bead Work

shiny pink silicon blouse with alluring bead work
source- Tikli.in

The very first one is this violent purple color blouse which has extremely stunning aari work designs. The pointed bold back design will give a charming look to the saree.

Rounded Neck Simple Hand Work Blue Blouse

rounded neck simple aari work blue blouse
source- fine_line_makeupartist

What can be more beautiful than a cobalt blue blouse with golden aari work on it? This blouse with half sleeves and with amazing design can make any simple saree look to the next level.

Purple Bead Design Handwork Royal White Blouse

purple bead design handwork royal white blouse
source- Go unique

The purple shell-type hand design on the white blouse is for royal brides. Will make you feel like a queen on your wedding day. The neckline is fully decorated by a colorful thread.

Puff Sleeve Pink Simple Floral Shiny Work Blouse

puff sleeve pink simple floral shiny work blouse
source- amra_designs2707

The love of puff sleeves is still in trend. This silk blouse with zari work of golden thread will make the saree look gorgeous.

Plain Red Blouse With Work Of Beads On Short Sleeves

plain red blouse with work of beads on short sleeves
source- Shamna Kasim Poorna

This hot red blouse with shiny stones will give a vibrant look to your silk saree. Some pieces of jewelry are enough to complete the whole look.

Short Sleeves Beautiful Golden Aari Work Blouse

Short sleeves beautiful golden aari work blouse
source- Fashion2Days

Here this pink plain blouse with a cute aari design on it will give an amazing vibe to your every festive look.

Green Silicon Blouse With Beautiful Work Of Thread

green silicon blouse with beautiful work of thread
source- Keep Me Stylish

This silicon green blouse is breathtaking. If you love minimal design blouses then try this with your silk saree.

Multi-Color Floral Green Blouse Image

multi-color floral green blouse

Nowadays every woman loves to keep the look simple and stylish at the same time. This colorful flower work blouse with a designer back design can make your day.

Golden Flower Design Bead Work Blouse

golden floral design bead work blouse
source- HouseofBlouse.com

This blouse is unique and different one has dark purple color with work of thread and stone. A golden color saree is the best for this blouse. Floral embroidery work are the best to wear at night functions.

Collar Neck Half Sleeves Aari Work Blouse

collar neck half sleeves aari work blouse
source- blog.nisi.ro

The alluring flower borders are satisfying. The collar neck on this blouse makes it more special.

Simple Saree Blouse Designs

We all want something spicy and a designer blouse when we have to wear a simple saree. There are varieties of blouses available from which you can choose one according to your saree. And level up your dressing sense.

But for your comfort, some most liked blouse images are here to wear with plain sarees.

Wavy Simple Rounded Back Blouse

wavy simple rounded back blouse
source- Keerthana

The very first one is everyone’s favorite wavy blurred prints. The best combination of white and black will go with maximum color sarees.

Traditional Print Simple Black Blouse

traditional print simple black blouse
source- Ajio.com

If you want a simple and comfortable look at the same time then check out this short sleeve traditional printed blouse. You can wear this with a black or white saree.

String Style Simple Design Blouse

string style simple design blouse
source- shruti

A parallel simple tassel with a rounded back is mind blowing. The perfect partner for pattu and silk saree with jhumkas.

Simple Cotton Threadwork Blouse

simple cotton thread work blouse
source- Keep Me Stylish

This blouse is the best example of simplicity the beauty. How simple and soothing the color and design are. This blouse can make any day special.

Paisley Colorful Print Black Blouse

paisley colorfull print black blouse
source-order now

This blouse will work with any color combination and is sure to make people’s heads turn. A V-shaped neck with a paisley print on black is worth a try.

Latest Pointed Back Printed Blouse

latest pointed back printed blouse
source-Two Triangles

One of the most perfect evening saree blouse designs, this one features a pointed back with two long triangle cuts. Check this out for your events.

Full Sleeve Black Flower Design Blouse

full sleeve black flower design blouse
Source- devaya designs

If you are a trend lover then I am sure you have seen many celebrities wearing this type of heavy tassel blouse. Simple yet elegant piece and will your look stunning.

Bold Color Neck Dotted Design Blouse

bold collor neck dotted design blouse

A piece like this is a must-have in your wardrobe. It features dyed prints of white leaves in classic yellow color. Make any printed saree look charming without too much effort.

Bold Color Neck Dotted Design Blouse

bold collor neck dotted design blouse
source- Keep Me Stylish

A very young and festive wear blouse when you want to make it minimal yet comfortable. The dotted print on black fabric is for daytime events.

Beautiful Simple Print Cotton Blouse

beautiful simple print cottton blouse
source-saree envy

Fill your festival days full of happiness and sweet compliments. This yellow blouse can be your Diwali outfit partner check out the coolest blouse.

Simple Lehenga Blouse Design

Simple lehenga blouse designs are always in a vogue. In wedding seasons we all want a beautiful lehenga and perfect blouse to wear with it. Simple blouses on heavy lehenga can make the look to a whole new level.

Some unique and most trendy blouses for a lehenga that will spark your interest.

3D Floral Thread Work Trendy Blouse

3D floral thread work trendy blouse
source- House of Ayana

If you have a nude color or light color lehenga then this brown collar neck blouse with eye-catching prints is for you. Will give the simple lehenga a new look.

Cinderella Sleeves Trendy Yellow Blouse

cindrella sleeves trendy yellow blouse
source- Indiaspopup.com

A very delicate and girlish design, this one has cinderella sleeves shiny designs on the sleeves and neck. It is perfect for nighttime events. Wearing a blouse like this one, you will feel like a princess.

Half Sleeve Simple Dotted Print Black Blouse

half sleeve simple dotted print black blouse

One of the most beautiful blouses with unique and incredible designs. This one featured a collar neck with cute buttons on it.

Half Sleeve Simple Dotted Print Black Blouse

half sleeve simple dotted print black blouse
source- sarayuexculsive_byseema

Printed blouse designs like this one are perfect for wedding night events. A rounded neck with half sleeves will perfectly go with your simple print lehenga.

High Neck White Dotted Designer Blouse

high neck white dotted designer blouse
source- chaturya

If you want to highlight yourself in the functions then simply opt for this shiny glittery blouse. Soothing pink color with a high neck Will gives a fashionable look.

Silicon Sweetheart Neck Half Sleeve Blouse

silicon sweetheart neck half sleeve blouse
source- tatvadesignelement

One can never be wrong with a sweetheart neck silicon blouse. Perfect blouse for heavy silicon lehenga like this model has to wear.

String Style Full Sleeves Fancy Blouse

string style full sleeves fancy blouse
source- See Fashion

Looking for a Bollywood-style blouse to complete the lehenga look. This criss-cross Dori back design blouse is all you want. Puffy georgette sleeves are the main part of this fabulous blouse.

Bold Deep Neck Golden work blouse

bold deep neck golden work blouse
source- saras.secret.boutique

A stunning combination of golden and sweetheart neck blouse. The bride will rock on the wedding day if she would wear this blouse.

Wavy Lace Design Bold Silk Blouse

wavy lace design bold silk blouse
source- Swati Vakharwala

A backless blouse with h bold tassel design is making this blouse look more stylish shoulder-cutout hands with silk fabric will shine at the party.

White Stone Work Brown Net Fabric Latest Blouse

white stone work brown net fabric latest blouse
source-Megha suresh

Look your absolute best with this delicate blouse design, styled with small shiny stones on brown georgette fabric. Your golden shiny lehenga will perfectly suit it.

Frequently asked questions on Simple blouse designs:

Which is the best blouse design for work?

Blouses play an important role in every women’s life and daily.  Blouses in cotton are the best to wear at work because cotton blouses are very comfortable and look very formal which is suitable for the office.

Decent prints with collar neck and half sleeves are considered as best office wear.

What should the back of a blouse look like?

The back of the blouse depends upon the occasion and mood. For festive and wedding wear the blouse back should be of embroidery work, zari work, and full of sparkle because at weddings women usually wear heavy dresses.

But for daily wear, office wear, or for plain saree blouse back should be decent with minimal thread designs or some stones. The back of the blouse is a very attractive part and should be beautiful.

What are the characteristics of a simple blouse?

Simple blouses are those which have printed work, dyed prints and simple designs on them. Simple blouses are the best for daily use and can be worn with different types of sarees.

For small occasions, events and parties the best option are only these blouses.

Conclusion on Latest Simple blouse design photos

Nowadays is a huge craze for simple blouse designs because it not only looks good but also give a stylish look to the printed sarees. Whether it is wedding functions, events, or festivals something new and design we want for the saree.

From regular wear saree to heavy lehenga you have seen all types of trendiest and designer blouses, that is going to help you a lot.

There are a lot of options in the market but it’s difficult to choose the best one, that’s why we have listed the most trendy plain blouses that will help you in this upcoming occasion.

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